Fashion in the Steel City

Whenever I mention Sheffield to my friends, the standard words that come out of their mouths are, Arctic Monkeys, Pulp, Rock music, Steel… I suppose that’s the impression that most people have of this city.

I love the music scene in Sheffield, but to me, Sheffield has more to offer than just music and epic clubbing night outs.

The fashion, culture and lifestyle here is amazing and I am not in any way being biased about it just because I live in South Yorkshire.

First of all, Sheffield is a student-filled city filled with both British and International students.

The style that every student brings to city actually influences the people around them.

There is a wide array of boutiques, vintage stores and quaint shops dotted around in many places and I am constantly landing in a different shop almost every week. There are many indie art exhibits all over and quirky independent cafes to relax in.

I love vintage clothes and I am a collector myself, so I do get rather giddy when I find a new vintage shop, especially when the clothes are sold at below a tenner.

I used to think that Leeds was the city for the vintage shopper but I was wrong, Sheffield definitely boasts more vintage shops than any other city I have been to.

Here you will find photos of my beautiful finds and where I ventured to in Sheffield for them. For example, I recently found an authentic Christian Dior Blazer for £6, which will appear in a later post on men’s fashion.

Being a student that commutes from Doncaster to university, I run out of things to do whenever I have two hour long gaps in between my lectures, so I sit in Starbucks with a large cup of coffee near the Winter Gardens and stare aimlessly out the window, this is when I end up people-watching.

photo 2

The lovely winter gardens at Sheffield. Perfect to chill out with friends for lunch!


I automatically look at what people are wearing and how they have styled their outfit of the day. It is something of an obsession.

I also spend my time wandering into the many trendy shops in Sheffield.

But for students on a budget, shopping for high end and high street clothes regularly is out of reach….

What I will show you is how great it really is to grab a bargain at a charity shop and will also feature the best vintage shops in Sheffield as well as high street shops and boutiques worth going into.

This will not be the kind of fashion blog where an ugly piece of clothing which makes out to be what seems like an old piece of carpet design, gets featured at a ridiculous price.

There are probably hundreds and hundreds of fashion blogs out there, many of which feature the most ridiculous clothes that costs a bomb.

Sometimes, I even wonder if these so-called high end fashion bloggers even purchase these clothes, or do they get hidden perks to feature them?

Well, this blog will have none of that. Here’s to raw and real fashion, from the steel city.