Victoria’s Secret opening in Sheffield

Whipped out my phone in seconds to take an Instagram photo of my new favourite shop in Meadowhall!

Whipped out my phone in seconds to take an Instagram photo of my new favourite shop in Meadowhall!

I could not believe my eyes when I walked past this massive board in Meadowhall, I know I sound ever so dramatic but a Victoria’s Secret in Sheffield? Coincidentally, I got my Iphone 5 that day and instantly took a  photo of the front and uploaded it onto my Instagram.

I know this blog is all about applauding the fashion culture in Sheffield but it was just unbelievable for me when I thought about how this would be the second Victoria’s Secret in England after the recent opening in Oxford Street in London!


As you can already tell, I am a great fan of Victoria’s Secret and the only way I can even get anything from one of America’s greatest shops ever is through their online store. Even then, it is illegal for me to buy their divine smelling scents and toiletries as it is banned by UK customs with them having liquid content.

So of course I was jumping for joy after digesting the fact that Victoria’s Secret really is going to open in Autumn this year in Meadowhall. I remember my friends and I used to actually say things like “I wish we had a Victoria’s Secret round here.” back in Sixth Form, so it will be a wish come true in a few months! I am full of South Yorkshire pride right now.

Now I don’t have to bulk buy when I go on holiday to America because I will have a Victoria’s Secret right at my door step. I went to Orlando, Florida last year and they have a massive Victoria’s Secret outlet- I’ll leave out how long I spent in there.

I bought whatever I could, especially their body sprays, as I knew that the next time I would be able to get them was the next holiday to America so I really went over with the bulk buying. I bought two or three bottles of each body spray. This was last March so it has been more than a year now, I have used up six bottles of body spray already, as you know, I am a hoarder so it took a lot of will power to even throw the empty bottles. I still have eight bottles left!

Here is my current collection of my splurge on the lovely Victoria’s Secret clothes and sprays

Hoodie, tops, sprays, tote bag and paper bags which people actually collect

Hoodie, tops, sprays, tote bag and paper bags which people actually collect

The remainder of my body sprays, with three bottles at their final few sprays

The remainder of my body sprays, with three bottles at their final few sprays

I have not been to the newly opened London flagship store yet, but I am hoping they would cost the same, or at least nearly the same as the American prices. My body sprays were only $20 for five bottles. They will leave you smelling fresh and divine, you would think twice about spending on your next Chanel No.5

Anyway, one of the main reasons why I wanted to mention the opening of Victoria’s Secret in Meadowhall was not only because I adore the brand, I wanted to show that there is more to University Outfitters clothing than Jack Wills.


In England, we go to Jack Wills for our expensive university suited casual clothing. In America, the high school and uni female students go to PINK, the University Outfitters range by Victoria’s Secret.

You would have noticed from my pictures that my clothes had the name “PINK” on most of them. At least now, the students in Sheffield will know that I am not just wearing some random hoodie to my lectures.

PINK board advertisement in Meadowhall

PINK board advertisement in Meadowhall

We don’t have a Jack Wills in South Yorkshire, but we do have a PINK by Victoria’s Secret, well in Autumn anyway. I have already seen a lot of girls wearing this brand around our Hallam city campus, which I am assuming that they have raided the London store before I have.

The clothes at PINK are generally cheaper than the clothes of its mother brand, Victoria’s Secret. Mainly because it is for students after all, but mind you, the prices will still be as dear as Jack Wills but so much more worth it in my opinion.

One of my best friends who goes to London South Bank University said that we should shop at the store in London when I visit because they do offers like “buy 5 knickers for £25”. We worked out that  I could have three and she could have two which would make it so much cheaper.

The PINK range offers everything a girly student needs from bed covers to notepads to hoodies and cute t-shirts. The colours are pink as ever, mind the pun. Here are examples of what to expect!


Cute and quirky hoodies and tracksuit bottoms. Perfect for lounging around in or grocery shopping. I dare say, great for stumbling into lectures. Nothing like feeling comfy, especially with a hangover.


Wow. This tracksuit number is something I was trying my hardest to look for in Florida but to no avail. I hope the Sheffield one will have it. Please comment if you have found one!


A collection of these bottles will do me. How cute are they? The colours are brilliant as is the slogans like “Non stop party” and “bring it on” on them, typical girly student style.


This is just one example of their many bed sheets and covers made for students. The slogans on them will be truthful to any student.

Victoria's Secret Pink® - Canvas tote

Their tote bags are usually cheap. Mine cost me $20 which is not that bad for a tote bag by Victoria’s Secret.

I cannot wait for the store to be opened and I especially cannot wait for more people to be wearing the PINK brand with pride.

Let me know your thoughts on Victoria’s Secret opening its second store in England in none other than Meadowhall, Sheffield!


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