Check out Freshmans Vintage Clothing in Sheffield

photo 4

During one of my random wanders around Sheffield during a two hour break between lectures, I decided to do a bit of window shopping and found the above sign which brought me to yet another vintage shop in Sheffield called Freshmans Vintage Clothing at The Forum.

photo 1

Cringy as it sounds, this shop is a student vintage clothes collector’s heaven. The pricetags of the apparel in this shop stays true to its name – it really is for freshmen and their appalling bank balance. I have to say that most of the vintage shops in Sheffield are catered to students so they are a lot cheaper than vintage boutiques.

It had a wide array of early 40s clothes to the recent 90s. The remade vintage Levi’s shorts in the above picture were only £20 each or less. Think about the fact that to buy a pair of Levi’s today is triple the price and how most vintage boutiques charge a lot more for their clothes.

The quirky vintage necklaces they sell were all of brass-like material which is the trend these days and reminded me of the modern day versions in Topshop, but these are the real deal at only a fiver each which is fraction of the high street price.

photo 2

The clothes here are a far cry from the mass produced high street labels (not that there is anything wrong with that). As you can see, every piece on the rail are different to each other. Not one shirt on it is the same as the one next to it, which is great for students who don’t want to be walking to their lectures and finding five other girls wearing the same top.Very cringy and awkward. I should know, its happened to me.  Freshmans vintage clothing offers alternatives to your average high street label.

While browsing through the many rails and scarf buckets in Freshmans, I found this new label that they stock called Alice Takes A Trip. This Sheffield brand boasts original designs of unique vintage-esque clothing. Great for those who love Rockabilly style clothes. I liked it so much, as soon as I got home, I went straight to look if they had an online store. I will write a post about it soon. I think its great that the fashion shops in Sheffield help each other out by stocking each others’ labels.

Freshmans’ Vintage Clothing is worth a visit for students who love vintage clothing and it sure is not hard on your pockets.

Freshman’s is located at:

Unite 2, The Forum Shopping Centre, Devonshire Street, Sheffield, S3 7SB

If you don’t live in Sheffield, click here to visit their online store.


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