Style doesn’t always have to break the bank

pound rail

As students on a budget (a really tight budget), it can be really hard on our wallets when it comes to keeping up with the trends and updating our wardrobes with new clothes.

The big magazines tend to feature the most costly clothes that could wipe out the money you set aside for that week. It is only but a dream to us to have a wardrobe full of clothes that we can pick and choose from to wear to our lectures and never to wear the same piece of clothing again.

Here in Sheffield, there are plenty of charity shops that sell clothes of high street brands to top labels at extremely affordable prices which will make any student happy.

Most students are not fans of second hand clothes and thrift shopping, but it most definitely the smarter way of shopping for fashion lovers. Not only that, the cash saved and the abundance of clothes you end up with during your trips to the charity shops will leave you feeling like a million dollars.

You may have had an earful of misconceptions of second-hand clothes but there is absolutely nothing wrong with charity shops, you will be surprised with what you can actually find in these shops. They may not look like the trendiest of shops to get caught it, but dig deep and you will find the best items waiting to be found.

I ventured to Ecclesall road – which is lined with second-hand clothing shops – knowing that I will find a great deal of trendy apparel because I soon learnt that the stuff you find in charity shops are usually similar to the type of people that live in that area, so true enough, these shops are full of clothes donated by students that have a similar fashion sense. The shops were loaded with trendy clothes as well as fabulous vintage one-off pieces.

The one that really stood out was “The Big Green Bag”, a charity shop which is actually dedicated to fashion and recycling fashion. Anyone would have mistook this shop for a boutique.

jewelry from their fb Rails from their fb shopfront photo from their fb

Bags Purses Rails Rails (2)

Here are some of the gorgeous things I have picked out with the help of their friendly manager, Denisa.

Henley’s Lime Green Vintage Jumper, £3



Boden Fluffy Blue Fleece Jacket, £3



H&M Ballerina Shift Dress, £2



River Island Denim Biker Dress, £6



Jack Wills Cream Vest Top, £1(they have a rail full of clothes being sold at £1!)



Denisa also showed me some of the quirky things the volunteers have made to sell.

These gorgeous retro style rings are only £1.99 each!


£1.99 each.

The volunteers also recycled old vinyl records into these stylish clocks with a price tag of only £7.99

Vinyl Clocks

£7.99 each.

These are just a few of the many things you can find in The Big Green Bag as well as all the other charity shops in Sheffield and they are perfect destination for style conscious students who are on a budget.

As you can tell, style always doesn’t have to break the bank.

The Big Green Bag is at 474 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield.
Join their Facebook group, “The Big Green Bag”

Shop Front


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